Sweet Peace

My heart is lost and my eyes are blind
My soul aches through and through.
Darkness seems to fill my soul
Like Jay, I know no end.
I ask why? I pray and read,
I pray and read again.
I try this and I try that
Yet nothing seems to ease the pain
There is no solace for this soul
The opposite is true.
It’s pain that seers my heart,
It’s deep, hot and it hurts.
Dear Lord, my heart it cries aloud
Why hast thou hid thy face.
How could you leave me now;
Alone! In this dark and dreary place?
The years go by the pains increase.
Loneliness turns to despair.
Like is bleak, no joy, no cheer
Emptiness fills my soul.
The thought of death comes often now
I try to reach and slow it’s lull.
There is no hope within my grasp.
Despair, It fills my soul like ice. . .

Ten years later I returned to finish the poem

. . . I reach before I fall, and God puts forth His hand.
He sends to me one who serves with love untold.
One to help me feel His love;
For twas the gift I’d passed right by.
I felt my Saviors love inside, a love that knows no end.
A spark that fills my soul with fire.
It hurts at first and I know not why?
I want to turn and run.
I want to run and run and run.
Yet this time He will not let me go
He sends his love into my heart

which seems to me to say;
“You may run my little child,

But Lost ye shall not be”.
For everywhere you try to go
You'll be within my reach.
So run till you can run no more
Then stop, take rest my son.
Find the peace inside to win the race called life
I offer it freely to you my child
Just ask, and let me open wide the door,
And all I have is yours.
As I allowed the door to open, I found peace,
An inner peace that comes from Atoning Love
The kind of indescribable Love.
That Christ alone can give.
For my heart feels pure, my sins forgiven
My eyes see clearer than ere before
My soul sees the Love of God.
I listen, I learn. . .

Sweet peace is mine.

At last Sweet Peace is mine.

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